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PatchMaster Productions is an electronic music design company specializing in synth and computer programming, pit technology design and installation, keyboard and computer rental packages, playback engineering, technician support and services, music contracting, music arranging and orchestrating, music directing, music supervision, and music production.


Georgia Stitt
Founder of Maestra Music

"You are such a talent. My goodness. You set a super high bar for the kind of music we can create and I’m thrilled and proud to hold that up as our Maestra standard of excellence. Thank you for all the gifts you offered us on Monday night — the musical ones, the organizational ones, the leadership ones, the creative ones, the tech-savvy ones.... Superstar. Thank you. Thank you."

Laura Ivey
Producer of Amplify 2022

"I can’t say enough about you and your work. As a producer, it is the MOST comforting thing to know you can trust someone implicitly to do what they need to do to deliver the best. And that is you to a T. The band was kick ass, the visuals were so beautiful and added so much to the show. Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you!"

"Just wanted to send a huge thanks your way for all of your great work on Afterwords. What could have been a really complicated process ended up being completely smooth and enjoyable. I so appreciate all you do and am looking forward to working with you in the future."

Mike Raunick
Director of N.C.H.S. Choirs

"PatchMaster has completely transformed the technical aspects of our show choir program at North Central High School.  Not only does our band sound better than ever before, but I know that my students are getting to work with software, hardware, and a workflow that is matched to the highest quality set-ups in the pits on Broadway. I can’t recommend Julianne and PatchMaster highly enough."

Amplify 2022

Amplify 2022

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