Performs and teaches musical theater, rock/pop, contemporary, jazz, R&B, gospel, classical, orchestral, and liturgical music.
Collaborative arranger and orchestrator. Works with leadership teams to contract and manage musicians and music staff.
15 years experience playing organ in religious organizations, leading both adult and youth music programs.
Efficient in  Logic Pro X, Audacity, Ableton, Mainstage, Finale, QLab, Dropbox, G Suite, Microsoft Office, and Apple product integration.
Excellent sight-reader, accompanist, vocal coach, and conductor of instrumental and choral ensembles.
Innovator and visionary, consistently delivering big ideas with realistic plans for execution.
10 years experience working with youth vocal groups.
Intrinsically motivated, possessing high emotional intelligence, interpersonal and organizational skills.
Originally from Indianapolis, Julianne currently works in NYC as a professional Music Director, Pianist, and Electronic Music Designer.  An accomplished pianist, conductor, and collaborative teaching artist, she is  currently pursuing a Specialization in Organizational Leadership from Northwestern University.


Julianne B. Merrill