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Now Of fering Virtual Audition Coaching

Julianne has worked professionally in NYC for the past twelve years as a Music Director, Accompanist, and Electronic Music Designer. She is well connected in the industry and has positive relationships with several casting directors, writers, directors, theater companies, choreographers, actors, musicians, and agents currently involved in the NY scene. She has an extensive knowledge of and performs regularly in the genres of Musical Theater, Classical, Pop/Rock and Jazz. 


Michael Enright, Actor

"She’s truly one of the most professional, talented, down to earth and kind people you’ll work with! "


Kim Greenberg, Actor

"You can’t beat Julianne for both affordability and her savvy professional musical director prowess lending you a helping hand. "


Karen Elliott, Actor

"She is an exceptional musician,
has a wonderful ear for the drama in the music and has a keen sense of how to communicate to singers to bring out qualities, shades and choices that they may not have previously considered."


Tim Realbuto, Actor

"Her beautiful home studio, minutes from midtown Manhattan, is roomie, comfortable, and features all the latest musical technology you can possibly imagine."



Work on audition book and
material selection along with 
marking of proper audition cuts



Get help finding the correct
key to showcase your voice.
Work on learning notes, phrases,
and breaths. Discuss character
intent and enrollment



Easily find music on the spot.

Receive on-demand personalized rehearsal tracks and Dropbox files.

These coachings are not voice lessons, rather they help prepare the Actor for upcoming auditions by reviewing song selections, marking cuts, picking correct keys, learning difficult note passages, discussing phrasing and breathing, and finding character intention and enrollment. Clients have instant access to a large digital file of sheet music and accompaniment tracks.

All files are saved to a shared Dropbox so you instantly have your files on your Phone, Tablet, Computer, etc.

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